Francisca Barros is a Design Lead, Communications Designer at IDEO Boston. Fran uses her expertise as a graphic designer into strategic innovation. Inspired by complex challenges, she has developed impactful, large-scale service platforms - encompassing brand, strategy, and service design - for clients such as ETB, Sealy, MassMutual and GE. Inspired by opportunities for such holistic design, Fran's work addresses deeper human needs and brings user touchpoints to life in new and meaningful ways.

Fran worked over a decade as a graphic designer based in her hometown of Santiago, Chile. She was the Art Director of Lo Castillo Publishing Company, leading a design and production team for more than 14 magazines. Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Chile Foco Ideas de Ciudad, and, among others. Fran was also a professor of design at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago.

Fran holds a BA in Design, with a minor in Typography from Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Chile and Graduate Degree in Entrepreneurship from Boston University. On any given day, Fran can be found raising her 3 kids, and talking start-ups and drinking Chilean wine.